PICA See Snake: The Next Generation of Pipeline Inspection Tool

Regular inspection is critical to maintaining any pipeline or piping system in the oil and gas industry. While exterior examinations can identify surface-level corrosion and dents, internal inspections can reveal hidden threats to your pipes and allow you to proactively address pipe distress before it causes failure. However, finding the right tools for in-line pipeline inspection can be challenging. While plenty of tools are available today, very few can give complete, accurate and timely information in the most demanding conditions.

As an industry leader in pipeline inspection and non-destructive testing, PICA offers award-winning products that enable fast, accurate assessment of cement-lined, PE-lined, epoxy and other kinds of lined pipelines. Our current generation of See Snake products represent a technological breakthrough for the rapid inspection of pipelines for internal and external flaws. Learn more about our See Snake in-line inspection technologies below.

Superior Tools for High-Performance Pipelines

In the modern oil and gas industry, many operations still rely on inspection tools that use Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) technology to detect and size flaws. While MFL is suitable in some situations, it also has numerous drawbacks. First and foremost, MFL tools require close contact with the pipe wall, introducing the possibility of liner damage during the testing process. Additionally, MFL tools can be disrupted by internal deposits of wax, scale or sand in pipes, as well as the liner materials including cement mortar, epoxy, and polyethylene. In short, inspection tools based on MFL technology are only capable of giving pipeline owners partial information on the condition of their LINED pipeline systems.

PICA’s See Snake Tools, on the other hand, are engineered for superior probability of detection (POD) and industry-leading accuracy in a complete range of applications and use cases. They require no contact with pipe walls during use while still accurately measuring through scale, wax, and nearly any non-magnetic liner. Additionally, the See Snake has no external moving parts (unlike most MFL tools), ensuring they can handle tees and branches without sustaining damage. In fact, they are flexible enough to negotiate 90º welded elbows in pipe sizes larger than 4″ while still providing precise, accurate measurements.

Complete, Accurate Information

Because PICA’s See Snakes use “Remote Field Technology” they have equal sensitivity to internal or external pits. Additionally, the unique AC signal transmitted by See Snakes can be detected from the surface, meaning that there is no need for Transmitter Pigs to track the Tool’s progress through the line.

See Snakes Tools are capable of simultaneously measuring both wall thickness and surface area (length and width) with unrivalled accuracy. See Snakes also use variations in magnetic permeability to detect stress on the lines caused by soil movement, bridging, inadequate support, rippling or denting. Most importantly, See Snake tools inspect the full 360º of your pipeline, allowing operations to get a complete picture of problem areas.

See Snakes are engineered to withstand high pressure and are water proof, completely autonomous Tools. Thanks to their engineered durability, See Snakes can be pumped through the pipeline with product flow or compressed air or nitrogen for maximum versatility. With inspection speeds up to to 1000 m/hr, assessments are highly efficient and accurate in nearly any use case.

NDT Tools for Any Requirement with PICA’s parent: Russell NDE

In addition to the See Snake family of products, Russell NDE proudly manufactures and distributes a complete range of NDT instruments for demanding industrial applications, including:

  • Vertiscan Robots
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors
  • Phased Array Instruments
  • Carburization Detection Probes
  • Eddy-Current and Remote Field tube inspection Systems
  • And More!

No matter what your operation needs, Russell NDE’s expansive product inventory coupled with PICA’s service capabilities ensure your system can be properly evaluated and maintained for decades to come.

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