California City Of 135,000 Population

PICA performed an inspection of a sewer force main using free-swimming leak detection, external electromagnetic scanning, and ultrasonic thickness testing, where appropriate, on approximately 5,900 feet of 8-inch PVC, 12-inch PVC, and 8 inch ductile iron pipe (DIP). The inspection findings were used by the City’s engineering consultant to determine the condition of the force main and identify recommended improvement projects and/or maintenance/monitoring programs.

Based on the findings of the visual observations, inspections, testing, and conversations with City Operations staff, the force main was observed to be in overall good physical condition. While some instances of corrosion/localized wall thinning were observed in the exposed ductile iron pipes that were tested, the observed conditions did not yet warrant full pipeline rehabilitation or replacement. The recommendations from the testing program were that observed conditions should be actively monitored, and tests should be repeated to document changes in pipe wall-thinning over time. Then, rehabilitation and/or replacement of the pipeline or pipe sections should be performed when conditions require such action.