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Would your pipelines pass an inspection if one were to be performed today? Whether you’ve noticed some reoccurring issues with your mains or you are just keen to stay on top of your routine maintenance plan, regular inspection of water pipelines is the key to ensuring their overall serviceability and reliability. For almost three decades, PICA Corp has proudly helped customers across North America conduct analysis of their water mains using groundbreaking techniques and technology. With access to industry-leading equipment manufactured by our sister company, you can count on PICA Corp to have you covered for pipeline inspection. Learn more about our In-Line Inspection (ILI) Tools including the SeeSnake family of tool models: HydraSnake, RAFT, EMIT, and Chimera below!

Go Beneath the Surface with PICA

Tired of being in the dark when it comes to knowing the internal condition of your pipelines? PICA is here to help. Our tools use the latest technology and the most refined practices to provide accurate information when it matters most. With award-winning tools on our side, PICA Corp. provides results you can count on and expertise you can trust. Details for our roster of technology include:

SeeSnake Tools

PICA’s SeeSnake tools are widely renowned and an “anchor product” among our fleet of resources. Over time we have carefully refined our SeeSnake Tool family to meet a wide variety of needs. Our RAFT (Restricted Access Flexible Tool) and EMIT (Electro-Magnetic Inspection Technology) Tools serving as our newest additions to the lineup. Designed to be self-contained, all of our SeeSnake Tools have onboard battery power, data storage and distance tracking built-in, making them self-sufficient and ready to go once deployed. RAFT Tools are suitable for 36″ to 48″ pipes , while EMIT cover all larger sizes of metal pipes and provide fast results you can count on.

SeeSnake, HydraSnake and Chimera models

In general, SeeSnake Tools cover the size range from 3″ to 16″ with HydraSnake being available for launch through Hydrants into 6″ and 8″ mains. Chimera Tools covers the sizes 18″ through 36″ and like all SeeSnake Tools can handle long distances, if pressurized, flowing pipelines either in free-swim mode or in a tethered mode. All Tools in the 3″ to 36″ range can pass through multiple 90 degree elbow fittings with tethered Tools being able to negotiate up to 270 degrees of total deflection.

External and Internal Bracelet Probes

Sensing far-side corrosion can be a challenge, but with PICA’s internal or external Bracelet Probes, getting the results you need is simple. Our bracelet probes are best used on shorter sections of large diameter pipelines, either internally (in drained lines over 60″) or externally through excavations. These highly accurate probes are able to scan through cement mortar and coatings to detect pipe wall thickness variations including pitting, graphitic corrosion, fractures, and more.

Dacon U.T. Intelligent Pigs

As mentioned above, one of PICA’s strengths is our partnership with fellow industry leaders like Dacon. We are pleased to offer Dacon’s Ultrasonic (U.T.) Intelligent Pigs to conduct investigations for a wide spectrum of lines, including:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Austenitic Steel
  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • HDPE Liners
  • Risers
  • Any Diameter greater than 3″ and up to 120″
  • Subsea or Above Ground
  • Bare, Coated or Insulated
  • Cladded Pipelines
  • Unpiggable Pipelines

Dacon’s tools uphold their reputation for excellent performance, providing precise results that you can count on. Note that when using UT tools, pipes must be pre-cleaned and filled with clean water for optimal performance.

Partner With PICA Today!

Since the early 1990’s PICA Corp has established itself as an industry leader in pipeline inspection. With a focus on delivering exceptional results using the latest technology and methods available, our team is proud to partner with you to help discover existing weak areas before disaster strikes. Learn more about our technology as well as PICA Corp’s services by contacting our team today.

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