Service Technologies

PICA has an exclusive partnership with its parent company Russell NDE where we get access to best in class NDT technologies for use in PICA’s service solutions.


RFT tools inspect metallic pipes for corrosion through internal liners and scale. This technique is well suited for cast iron pipe, ductile iron pipe, steel pipe, concrete cylinder (bar-wrapped) pipe, reinforced concrete cylinder pipe, and prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP). PICA’s specialized RFT tools are known as See Snake tools.

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PICA offers a wide range of handheld electromagnetic (EM) scanning tools to detect and measure wall loss in metallic pipes. PICA also uses specialized versions of these tools that can inspect the condition of reinforcing bars and prestressing wires in concrete pressure pipes. Low-frequency EM tools can be used on either the inside or the outside of the pipe.

Near Field Eddy Current Testing Technology

NFT tools detect and quantify broken wires in embedded cylinder PCCP. During the electromagnetic (EM) inspection, PICA runs multiple frequencies simultaneously and employs several detectors on the NFT tool to increase resolution and accuracy of wire break data and provide our clients with a higher level of confidence in the inspection results.

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CCTV/Laser/Lidar Technology

Visual inspection technologies are extremely useful for documenting defects, such as offset joints, defective joint mortar, cracks or spalling of the mortar lining, and much more. Visual inspection can be used as the primary inspection method, or it can be conducted along with an electromagnetic inspection to provide a more thorough understanding of the pipe’s condition. PICA’s CCTV, laser, and LiDAR tools offer exceptional image quality, even for large pipes.

Multi-Sensor Acoustic Sphere Technology

Navigator is an in-line screening tool. These small diameter (3.25 inches) spheres travel freely within pipelines, screening for local leaks, gas pockets, elevation profile, and other important pipe information. Navigator is an easy-to-use and low cost tool that can be used in pipes from 6-120 inches in diameter and made of any material.
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