Pipeline Inspection and Condition Analysis: Can Your Lines Pass an Inspection?

Do you know the last time your water mains, wastewater, raw water, fire water or other pipelines were inspected?

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770600p945EDNmainGLWA 120in PCCP failure fall 2022 1 m people out of water

PICA is Your Source for Water Main Condition Assessments and More!

Large-diameter prestressed concrete cylinder pipes (PCCP) are the most common means of transporting raw water, potable water and waste water over long distances in large volumes.

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770600p945EDNmainGLWA 2

Choose PICA for the Inspection of Your Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes

Are you aware of the condition of your PCCP (prestressed concrete cylinder pipe)? If not, PICA is here to help!

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770600p945EDNmain100 5458BP scanning

PICA's Bracelet Probe; A New Frontier in Non-Destructive Testing

If your pipelines were to be inspected today, what would the inspection reveal?

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