Industries served

PICA specializes in conducting high-resolution electromagnetic inspections of pressure pipes that are used in a variety of industries and applications. The quality of data collected from our company-designed tools is accurate, repeatable, and reliable.

faucet water flow bathroom


PICA’s inspections enable water utilities to identify corrosion and other deficiencies in transmission and distribution system piping before leaks or larger, costlier failures occur.

agricultural silo


Outages of cooling water pipelines and fire suppression system piping in processing plants and many other industrial, commercial, and educational facilities can be disruptive and costly. PICA’s tools provide an accurate picture of the condition of industrial pipes as small as 2-inch diameter, which allows for targeted repair and uninterrupted operation.

solid contact clarifier tank type sludge recirculation


PICA uses both in-line and external inspection tools to identify the condition of wastewater force mains and treatment plant piping while keeping these critical lines in service. PICA’s inspections help to prevent high consequence spills, leaks, and failures.

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Mining facilities rely on PICA’s in-line electromagnetic, CCTV, and leak detection tools to detect problems in firewater loops, slurry lines, brine disposal lines, water supply lines, and wastewater lines that could disrupt operations and have significant monetary impacts resulting from the unplanned shutdown of process units and/or the mine as a whole.

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Nuclear and thermal power plants rely on cooling water and fire suppression systems to operate safely. PICA’s high-resolution inspection tools detect problem areas in cooling water pipelines and fire suppression piping systems to prevent incidents or failures that could shut down an entire operation.


Oil & Gas

Production pipelines carrying oil, gas, or disposal liquids often fail due to soil-side corrosion or internal corrosion pits. PICA’s autonomous in-line inspection tools are built to detect localized wall loss and more comprehensive pipe wall thinning with a high degree of accuracy, which allows for proactive spot repair of damaged pipe areas and minimal production downtime.