Protect Your Potable Water Lines with PICA Corp CCTV Inspections

Assess the internal condition of your Potable mains with PICA CCTV Inspections

Every day, water-distribution pipes transport billions of gallons of water to counties and municipalities across North America. Potable water is one of our most important resources; water networks play a vital role in ensuring millions of people can safely access the fresh water they need to live. Damage to these networks – specifically by corrosion and other forms of degradation – puts water supplies at risk, especially when the damage goes undetected long enough for a full or partial failure to occur. Water main breaks can cause millions of dollars worth of damage in a very short time, not to mention serious consequences for communities, including road closures, property damage, and flooding of basements.

When it comes to water main breaks, prevention is the best form of protection. Tools like CCTV inspection of mains allow operators to proactively manage the health of their water lines, enabling rerouting, repairs, and other strategies to prevent failure before it occurs. Catching corrosion and degradation early can help ensure your pipes have a longer lifecycle and retain optimal efficiency and safety throughout their operating lives. PICA maintains Tools that are dedicated to Potable Water use. We also have Tools that can be mounted on our electro-magnetic ILI Tools for large diameter (empty) mains.

Critical Risk Factors

While there is no singular cause of failure in large diameter pipes, there are numerous factors that can cause premature corrosion and degradation of water lines. These factors include:

    • Pipe geometry, material type, pipe and soil interactions, and installation quality. Poorly-laid pipes or pipes placed in high-corrosivity soils are far more likely to corrode faster.

    • Stress placed on the line by external forces, such as heavy soil, frost loads, and third-party damage. These forces can place undue pressure on the line and lead to accelerated failure.

    • Corrosion caused by biochemical, microbiological, and electrochemical activities. Corrosion is one of the most pervasive issues facing pipelines today and can lead to system failure and costly repairs if it remains undetected.

Regular inspections can help mitigate the risk of the above factors causing expensive damage to your pipes. A proactive, preventative approach is the best way to protect your system against dangerous failures and to ensure optimal performance of your water mains throughout their lifetime.

Inspecting to Assess with PICA Corp CCTV Tools

One of the most cost-effective forms of pipeline inspection is Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Technology. As one of the most advanced forms of NDT evaluation, CCTV inspections give field engineers a real-time look into the inner surface of large-diameter pipes, allowing them to understand and remediate issues quickly and effectively. CCTV inspections are suitable for nearly any application, including monitoring pipes constructed with a variety of materials like metal, concrete, plastic and asbestos cement.

PICA Corp offers a comprehensive range of CCTV services suitable for water systems of all sizes and scope. Our IBAK crawlers are equipped with both 6K cameras and laser imaging and are suitable for pipes in the range of 8″ to 78″ diameter. For smaller pipes, our IBAK Mini Lite push-rod camera provides exceptional quality that enables rapid detection of blockages, cracked pipes, pulled joints and stuck valves. Finally, PICA Corp proudly offers comprehensive inspection services to keep your pipes safe and proactively prevent costly and dangerous failures.

Complete NDT Solutions with PICA Corp

At PICA Corp, we believe that Good Decisions Start with Good Information. That’s why we’ve provided North American pipeline operators with the tools and inspection expertise to manage their operations with confidence for the last three decades. Through innovative technologies, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to advancing the field of non-destructive testing, industry leaders rely on PICA Corp to keep them on the leading edge of water safety and proactive maintenance.

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