The “Miracle” of Electro-Magnetic Technologies

Get your 90-minute book about the roots of electromagnetic inspection technologies

The Hidden Miracle is an easy-to-read booklet about the origins of the unseen force behind electromagnetics.

From it’s first discovery by Thales of Asia Minor in 624 BC, to its modern day uses to detect stress corrosion cracking in pipelines and thermal fatigue cracking in air frames, electromagnetics (EM) exists in that netherworld of the unseen.  It is a force, like gravity, that we know exists because of its affect on objects, but its exact workings are still not fully understood.

The author, Dave Russell, is often referred to as the “Grandfather of RFT” (Remote Field Technology…one form of EM) and has made a carreer out of applying EM in the Nondestructive Testing (NDT) business.

The book is a very light and fast read.  It is ideal for those who are new to electromagnetics, eddy currents, remote field and other EM techniques used for NDT.  Budding technicians use this book to learn the basics and then go on to the ElectroMagnetic Handbook (published by ASNT)

Those who wish to receive a free digital copy that they can read on their computer, or print out can get one here

Alternatively, the bound edition is carried by Amazon.

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