Ultrasonic and RFT Inspection: Protecting Water Mains and More At PICA

Do you plan ahead to prevent disaster with regular pipeline inspections? Each year, pipeline failures cause millions of dollars in damage, disrupting the daily operation of municipalities and affecting thousands of residents. For major transmission mains transporting raw water, wastewater and potable water , routine evaluation can help catch early signs of degradation before they have a chance to fail. As a leader in the pipeline inspection and condition analysis business, PICA Corp uses an extensive range of In-Line Inspection (ILI) Tools to provide clients with accurate pipeline condition information. Learn more about our inline inspection devices below.


SeeSnake-RAFT Tools

The RAFT (Restricted Access Flexible Tool) is a relatively new addition to PICA’s resources and is designed to use non-destructive electromagnetic inspection technologies to asses steel cylinders and reinforcing wires within concrete pipes. Completely self-contained, the unit has battery power, data storage, and distance tracking all integrated within the tool itself.  RAFT Tools are suitable for 36″ to 48″ pipes.


SeeSnake-EMIT Tools

The latest version of our EMIT Tool (Electromagnetic Inspection Technology) was introduced in 2017 and is ideal for assessing large diameter pipes with high-resolution results.

Unlike smaller RFT tools, the EMIT’s component design allows technicians to insert sections of the tool through small access locations, like manways, which eliminates the need for excavation and cutting of the pipe for access.

Internal Bracelet Probe

The Internal Bracelet Probe is best used within short sections of large diameter pipelines where ILI tool use is restricted due to bends or size changes. The probe is capable of scanning through cement mortar liners (CML) and provides accurate information about pipe wall thickness variations.

Dacon U.T. Intelligent Pigs

PICA Corp is pleased to partner with fellow industry leaders like Dacon to use tools like their Ultra sonic (U.T.) Intelligent Pigs to conduct accurate investigations. UT Intelligent Pigs use ultrasonic scanning are suitable for use with: 

    • Carbon Steel
    • Austenitic Steel
    • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
    • HDPE Liners
    • Risers
    • Any Diameter greater than 3″ and up to 120″
    • Subsea or Above Ground
    • Bare, Coated or Insulated
    • Cladded Pipelines
    • Unpiggable Pipelines 

Highly adaptable and accurate, Dacon’s tools uphold their reputation for excellent performance, providing clear results you can count on.  Pipes must be pre-cleaned and filled with clean water for the Dacon UT Tool to perform at its optimum.


Quality and Expertise You Can Trust

Since the early 1990s, PICA has established itself as a clear industry leader both in the development and application of NDT in-line inspection tools. With a dedication to exceptional results, we are proud to regularly add new resources to our long list of products and services. Protect your water mains and pipelines from costly damage by contacting PICA today!