Wachs Water Services and PICA Form Strategic Alliance


Wachs Water Services and Pipeline Inspection & Condition Analysis Corporation (PICA) Form Strategic Alliance to Accelerate Deployment of Metallic Water Pipeline Inspection Technologies.

Buffalo Grove, IL and Edmonton, AB – July 21, 2011 – Wachs Water Services and Pipeline Inspection & Condition Analysis Corporation (PICA), today announced that a strategic alliance has been formed based on a shared vision of helping utilities better manage aging water distribution infrastructure. The alliance will develop and deploy specialized metallic pipeline inspection technology solutions through collaborative R&D, manufacturing and marketing.

With an estimated 240,000 water main breaks each year in the United Stated alone, it is becoming critical for utilities to determine the actual condition of metallic water mains to proactively reduce breaks and improve cost effectiveness of water main repair, lining or replacement programs. The aligned offering of Wachs Water Services and PICA will provide water system operators and owners the ability to extend the reliable life expectancy of water pipelines.

“There are many factors that influence the condition of a water pipeline. The trick is to have actual information to determine which segments need to be replaced, which can be lined and which segments are still in good shape,” said Cliff Wilson, President, Wachs Water Services. “We are very excited to have established this alliance with PICA, and we continue to build a portfolio of industry leading pipeline inspection technologies to ensure that our clients have the right tool for the job.”

PICA technologies can be applied to either distribution or transmission mains and provide accurate measurements of the remaining wall thickness of the pipeline. The patented technologies travel through the inside of a water main and use an electromagnetic field that can both detect and size graphitization, pitting, erosion and cracks – even through liners, scale and tuberculation. PICA’s metallic pipeline assessment Hydrasnake™ portfolio offers strong synergies with Wachs Water Services in-line leak detection and pressurized main CCTV offerings, the LDS1000™ and Investigator™.

“We are investing in this alliance because we believe that there is a tremendous opportunity for utilities to get ahead of the aging water infrastructure crisis,” said Dave Russell, President of PICA. “Our direct condition assessment services are an integral part of asset management programs for clients worldwide. Wachs Water Services is currently delivering several of the largest water network renewal projects in North America and their clients will be able to immediately benefit from PICA’s proven metallic pipeline inspection capabilities as well”.

“The alliance timing is excellent as PICA recently opened a new office in Charlotte North Carolina,” adds Chris Garrett, General Manager of PICA USA. “There is a growing demand for our proven pipeline inspection technologies, and this alliance with Wachs Water Services will allow us to further expand our footprint to better service the market.”

Both companies will be showcasing their latest water main inspection technologies at the American Society of Civil Engineers Annual Pipelines Conference in Seattle, Washington, July 23 – 27, 2011. Additional information can be found at www.wachsws.com and www.picacorp.com.

About Wachs Water Services

Wachs Water Services is the leading provider of water distribution system solutions that significantly improve efficiency and network control. Our specialized approach combines condition assessment and rehabilitation services with the capture and integration of critical water distribution system GIS information. We provide the expertise, equipment and personnel to locate, assess, operate and document any water asset.

The Wachs Water Services experience is results-driven, allowing utilities to “do more” with limited budgets. We set the standard for accurate operational intelligence, bringing an uncompromising commitment to delivering on our fastrack2renewal™ brand promise.

About PICA

PICA, and its predecessor companies (Russell Technologies and Hydroscope Canada Inc.) have been performing condition assessments of pipelines in North America since the early 1990’s. Our specialty is a unique electromagnetic technology, contained in flexible, pressure sealed, in-line inspection tools that allows for ferritic pipe materials (ductile iron, cast-iron and steel) to be inspected for corrosion pits, graphitization, eroded areas and cracks. Our global client base consists of water and waste water pipeline owners and operators who proactively manage their buried assets to extend their pipelines’ useful life past the original expected life. They also enjoy the benefit of being able to place a value on their buried assets by quantitatively knowing their condition, and being able to make informed decisions on spot repairs, rehabilitation or replacement.