NDT Pipeline inspection in Canada

PICA: Securing Infrastructure Across All Canadian Provinces and Territories

From the Atlantic shores of Newfoundland and Labrador to the Pacific coast of British Columbia, and up to the Arctic expanses of Nunavut, PICA is committed to preserving the integrity of Canada’s diverse infrastructure. Our specialized Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services span every province and territory, ensuring the safety, efficiency, and longevity of pipelines and related infrastructure across various sectors.

Nationwide Coverage, Local Expertise

PICA’s NDT services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each Canadian region, providing comprehensive coverage across:

  • Atlantic Provinces: Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, where we support industries from fishing to energy, ensuring coastal and inland infrastructure remains robust.
  • Central Canada: Quebec and Ontario, the economic powerhouses of the country, where we cater to diverse sectors including manufacturing, energy, and transportation.
  • Prairie Provinces: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, known for their agricultural, mining, and oil and gas industries, where our services ensure the integrity of vital infrastructure supporting these sectors.
  • West Coast: British Columbia, where our NDT services support the province’s bustling ports, forestry, and renewable energy projects amidst its mountainous terrain and coastal areas.
  • Northern Territories: Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut, where we provide specialized services tailored to the challenges of remote and extreme environments, supporting mining, energy, and community infrastructure.

Comprehensive NDT Service Solutions Across Canada by PICA

PICA offers a spectrum of advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services designed to address the diverse needs of pipeline inspection and condition analysis across all Canadian provinces and territories. With a focus on pressurized and lined pipeline applications, our services provide reliable insights into the integrity and condition of critical infrastructure, utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative inspection tools.

1. Pre-screening NDT

Our Pre-screening NDT service employs Multi-Sensor Acoustic Sphere Technology Inspection Tools that are fully autonomous and capable of free-swimming in service pipelines. These tools are adept at working with a variety of pipeline materials including cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, and various forms of concrete and lined pipes. They excel at identifying leaks, gas pocket locations, and magnetic features in non-metallic pipelines, providing crucial preliminary data for identifying potential integrity issues. This service is often the first step in a comprehensive inspection strategy, potentially leading to more detailed analyses through our other NDT services.

2. Visual NDT

The Visual NDT service utilizes high-definition CCTV, Laser, and Lidar Technology Inspection Tools for out-of-service pipelines, delivering detailed internal imaging. These self-propelled or tethered tools provide visual feature, profile, and deformation detection, crucial for assessing potential integrity issues. Compatible with a wide range of materials including PVC and plastic pipes, this service offers a standalone assessment or can complement our Advanced and Standard NDT services for a holistic inspection approach.

3. Standard NDT

Our Standard NDT service is centered around Electromagnetic Near Field Eddy Current Technology (NFT) Inspection Tools, designed for out-of-service pipelines. These high-resolution, multi-channel tools provide critical data on the condition of concrete and steel cylinder pipes, identifying broken wires or bars which are key indicators of potential pipeline failure. This service is essential for quantifying integrity risks and planning maintenance or rehabilitation work.

4. Intermediate NDT

The Intermediate NDT service employs Handheld Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic Technology Inspection Tools for both in-service and out-of-service pipelines. Utilizing low-frequency eddy current and ultrasonic technologies, these tools offer localized inspection capabilities, identifying trends in wall thickness reductions, pits, and corrosion. Flexible and adaptable, this service provides targeted insights into specific areas of concern, aiding in the accurate assessment of pipeline integrity.

5. Advanced NDT

At the forefront of our service offerings, the Advanced NDT service uses Electromagnetic Remote Field Eddy Current Technology (RFT) Inspection Tools for comprehensive in-service and out-of-service pipeline inspections. These tools deliver high-resolution, cross-sectional measurements of pipe wall thickness and detect internal and external areas of wall loss, providing an extensive analysis of pipeline integrity. Suitable for a wide array of pipeline materials, this service is crucial for identifying critical failure locations and assessing the extent of damage.

Nationwide Expertise with Local Precision

PICA’s suite of NDT services is designed to meet the rigorous demands of Canada’s diverse infrastructure landscape, from urban centers to remote territories. Our commitment to innovation, safety, and reliability ensures that industries across Canada can trust PICA for accurate, efficient, and comprehensive pipeline inspection and condition analysis services.

Local Presence, Global Standards

While PICA boasts local expertise in each province and territory, our global capabilities ensure access to advanced NDT technologies and expert teams, regardless of location. This blend of local understanding and global standards positions PICA as the preferred NDT service provider across Canada.

Partner with PICA for Comprehensive NDT Services Across Canada

Choosing PICA for your NDT needs means entrusting the integrity of your infrastructure to a leader in pipeline inspection and maintenance, with a proven track record across Canada. Our commitment to excellence ensures the continued safety and longevity of infrastructure in every province and territory. Contact PICA today to learn how our NDT solutions can support your operations, contributing to the sustainable growth and prosperity of Canada’s diverse regions.

For a deeper understanding of how PICA supports Canada’s pipeline infrastructure, visit our Service Solutions page.