Focus On: The PICA HydraSnake

Since the early 1990s, PICA has established itself as a clear industry leader both in the development and application of NDT in-line inspection tools. With a dedication to exceptional results, we are proud to regularly add new resources to our long list of products and services. Discover the benefits of one of our groundbreaking tools, the HydraSnake, below.

First In Its Class

The HydraSnake is a groundbreaking tool and is the world’s first field-proven in-line inspection service for the evaluation of corrosion on cast and ductile iron water mains. Designed to provide a direct measurement of the pipe’s wall thickness for the full length of the main, the HydraSnake senses graphitic corrosion, pitting and erosion with remarkable accuracy.

Developed And Tested to Meet An Urgent Need

The need for cost-effective management of water and wastewater infrastructure has led to an increased demand for proficient technology across the market. The HydraSnake was created to serve this need by providing accurate evaluations of a pipe’s condition, which in turn allows for knowledgeable scheduling of rehabilitation activities that align with your overall maintenance plan.

Designed for Convenience and Accuracy

The HydraSnake is a completely self-contained tool that has been designed with a flexible build that allows for easy navigation of tees and short radius elbows. As the tool travels through the pipe, it continuously records wall thickness and stores the data on-board the Tool. Advantages of the HydraSnake include:

  • Identify leaks before they happen, enabling proactive point repair
  • Extend service life and identify optimal rehabilitation methods
  • Prioritize pipe replacement
  • Prevent unexpected line breaks
  • Enhance water conservation
  • Provide pipe condition baseline surveys
  • Sterilized for use on drinking water lines and
  • Access to the main provided through hydrants (no excavation required)

PICA’s Commitment To QualityAt PICA we take our commitment to maintaining our equipment seriously. All tools are subject to regular inspection, maintenance and upkeep to ensure optimal performance on the job site. Learn more about our inspection services, as well as our industry-leading roster of resources by contacting us today.