How 6K cameras are revolutionizing CCTV inspections

Revolutionizing CCTV inspections

Spring is well underway, and as we approach the summer months, it’s time to ask your quality and safety teams the million-dollar question: are your water mains fit for service or will they fail and make emergency excavation and repair necessary? If you’ve fallen behind on inspections or haven’t had an inspection program started yet, it’s time to step up your asset management game and take a closer look at what’s going on under the pavement. PICA Corp knows the importance of inspecting water mains (and wastewater mains), and the risks associated with failing to stay on top of inspection and maintenance. For the last three decades, we’ve helped our customers stay safe and efficient using highly refined NDT technology, like CCTV, Laser or LiDAR inspections. Learn more:

Prevention is Your Best Friend

Managing water lines and preventing the many issues that can arise at any moment is no small feat. Each year, countless pipelines across the globe encounter sudden main failures that result in millions of dollars of damage and significant interruptions in delivery. While there is little you can do to stop soil-side corrosion from occurring, you can, however, minimize your risk by maintaining a diligent maintenance and inspection cycle conducted by a team of experts like those at PICA. By conducting routine inspections, you not only greatly reduce the chance of failures, but you help to extend the lifecycle of your pipes overall. When you invest in prevention, you invest in the longevity, reliability and sustainability of your water mains, year after year.

CCTV Inspection At PICA

One of the most cost-effective forms of pipeline inspection is Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Technology. As a highly advanced form of NDT examination, CCTV inspections record the inner surface of pipes in real-time, allowing field engineers to take immediate remediation action. CCTV inspections are well suited to a wide variety of applications, including monitoring pipes constructed with a variety of materials like metal, concrete, plastic and asbestos cement, and provide highly detailed results you can count on. PICA Corp is pleased to offer CCTV services via our 6K cameras, IBAK crawlers and laser imaging, which are suited for pipes in the range of 8″ to 78″ diameter. For smaller pipes, the IBAK Mini Lite push-rod camera provides exceptional quality that allows you to easily detect blockages, cracked pipes, pulled joints and stuck valves. PICA Corp is proud to offer comprehensive inspection services that help keep your pipes safe, protect your budget, and prevent disasters before they have the chance to start.

PICA Corp: Your reliable Inspection Partner

Headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, PICA Corp is one of North America’s most trusted providers of NDT inspections. In addition to sophisticated CCTV, laser and LiDAR we also specialize in electromagnetic technology. Our EM Tools are contained in flexible, pressure sealed units that are custom crafted for use inside ferritic pipelines (ductile, cast-iron, steel and concrete pressure pipe). PICA’s equipment accurately assists with the identification of corrosion pits, erosion, compromised lining, cracks, stuck valves and more. Our inspection services are used in a wide variety of industries, including:

    • Potable water

    • Wastewater

    • Raw water

    • Firewater

    • Slurry and sludge lines

    • Steel water well casings

    • Saltwater disposal lines, and more.

Learn more about our EM and our CCTV inspection services by contacting our team today!