How PICA Corp’s HydraSnake Inspects Your Water Mains

When did you last perform a condition assessment of your distribution water mains? Are you looking to save money by avoiding unnecessary pipeline replacements and leaks? PICA Corp is here to help! At PICA, our team can assist you in identifying the condition of your water mains using state-of-the-art remote field technology(RFT) inspection tools. Next, we’ll discuss one of our water main inspection tools and its benefits. Continue reading to learn more about how PICA can determine the condition of your water mains!

Inspect Your Water Mains with Our HydraSnake Technology 

At PICA, our team is proud to offer a wide inventory of industry-leading water main inspection tools. In particular, our HydraSnake is state-of-the-art remote field technology (RFT) that can access your water mains through fire hydrants. As a global leader in non-destructive testing, PICA utilizes the HydraSnake tool to deliver clear and precise wall thickness measurements of your water mains. This innovative RFT tool can accurately detect graphitic corrosion, erosion, cracking and pitting in metallic pipes ranging from 3” to 78” in diameter. So when you need a clear picture of the condition of your water mains, PICA’s got you covered!

Furthermore, PICA’s HydraSnake water main inspection tool is unique because it can easily navigate your water mains and continuously take thickness measurements. These measurements and other data are stored on board the HydraSnake tool in its non-volatile memory. Compared to different types of water main inspection tools, the HydraSnake is more robust and flexible. The HydraSnake is a tethered water main inspection tool, so it cannot become lost or stuck in your pipelines. Moreover, the HydraSnake can collect data both outbound and inbound, which provides you with a clearer picture of the condition of your water mains. With the help of PICA and our HydraSnake tool, you can ensure you know the condition of your water mains and make proactive decisions regarding repairs and replacements. 

The Benefits of PICA’s HydraSnake Technology!

At PICA, our team of water main inspection experts is proud to provide our clients with numerous benefits through our HydraSnake technology. As a flexible, self-contained unit, the HydraSnake has been designed to easily navigate complicated water main features such as Tee or elbow fittings. However, there are more benefits to the HydraSnake than just its navigability! Some other benefits include the following:

    • Locates thinned water main walls before they start leaking

    • Requires no excavation for inspection

    • Provides you with baseline survey data if your water main is new or a recent purchase

    • Provides clear and accurate information regarding the condition of your water mains

    • Water mains can remain in service throughout the inspection process

    • Enables you to determine asset and risk management better

At PICA, our team takes pride in delivering the data our customers need to understand the condition of their water mains. Through the use of our innovative water main inspection tools, PICA can quickly and easily identify areas of concern. That way, you can determine the safest and most effective approach to repairing or replacing your water mains. 

PICA Corp, Your Source for Water Main Inspections

Since the early 1990s, PICA Corp has performed water main condition assessments across North America and beyond. Over the decades, customers of PICA have reported savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. So if you’re looking to take a proactive approach to your water main condition assessment, PICA and our range of water main inspection tools are here to help! Contact us today to learn more about our HydraSnake tool and water main inspection services.