How to prevent sinkholes by using PICA Inspection services

The transportation of drinking water and wastewater is vital for numerous municipalities and industries. Ensuring the pipes that carry that water are in prime condition is critical for the safety of local communities, workers, and businesses. An unexpected pipe failure can spell disaster for your operations. The best way to prevent an unexpected pipeline failure is to perform regular inspections with a trustworthy and reliable provider like PICA Corp. Below, we will discuss why pipeline inspections are critical for your business and the many industries PICA Corp. services. Continue reading to find out more!

Protect Your Pipes with PICA

Prestressed concrete cylinder pipes (PCCP) are incredibly durable; however, they can gradually degrade. This degradation can occur due to the many corrosive elements found in groundwater that eventually can corrode through the pre-stress wires of the concrete pipe if cracks in the mortar allows the water to contact the wires. Once groundwater has penetrated that coating, the reinforcing wires and cylinder will be negatively impacted, leading to line breaks and failures. Regardless of what your PCCP lines transport, an unexpected failure can be dangerous and costly. Flooding, loss of service, mudslides and more can pose immense risks to your site, personnel roadways, and communities. To best protect your business and the local community, it’s vital that you perform regular inspections to ensure preventative maintenance can be used to repair an issue before it grows into a significant problem. Fortunately, PICA Corp. is here to help you with all of your water and wastewater pipeline inspections. For decades our team has helped businesses like yours conduct assessments to identify signs of degradation before pipeline failures occur.

Inspection Services for Any Industry

At PICA Corp., our clients are progressive water and wastewater pipeline owners and operators. They’re proactive in managing their buried assets and utilize our services to extend the service life of their pipelines. By partnering with a reliable inspection company like PICA, your business can enjoy the benefits of quantitatively understanding the condition of their pipelines. That way, you can make better-informed decisions regarding spot repairs, rehabilitation, and replacements. At PICA, we offer in-line inspection services for pipelines across various industries. Below are just a few of the key sectors we service:

  • Waste Water
  • Potable Water
  • Raw Water
  • Fire Water
  • Slurry or “Slick” Lines
  • Salt Water Disposal Lines
  • Steel Water Well Casings
  • Cooling Water Lines
  • Oil, gas and chemical lines

As a Canadian company, PICA Corp. proudly offers safe and reliable pipeline inspections across North America. Our inventory features numerous resources to ensure the job gets done safely and on time.

Trust the Experts in Pipeline Inspection and Condition Analysis

Since the early 1990’s PICA Corp has been performing condition assessments on water and wastewater pipelines across North America, our team is committed to providing outstanding customer service, comprehensive inspection services, and long-lasting client relationships. With numerous clients across multiple cities, industries, and counties, PICA Corp. is a leader in pipeline inspection. Are you interested in learning how PICA Corp can help ensure the integrity of your pipelines? Contact our team today to find out more!