Ensure Your Water Pipelines are in Top Condition with PICA Corp
Water and wastewater pipelines across North America are rapidly aging and are at risk of sudden leaks and burst failures. The only way to ensure that your pipelines are in safe working condition is to partner with an experienced condition analysis team like PICA. Our team can perform a regular condition assessment of your pipelines so you can clearly understand the condition of your water and wastewater mains. With PICA inspections it’s possible that you can avoid the misfortune of a sudden and unexpected pipeline failure. Below we’ll cover one of our unique HydraSnake tools that can assist you with determining the condition of your water lines. Continue reading to learn more:

Introducing PICA’s HydraSnake Technology

PICA is proud to offer a comprehensive inventory of industry-leading tools, such as our HydraSnake Tool. The HydraSnake is the world’s first field-proven in-line inspection tool that accesses water mains through hydrants. So when you need a non-destructive means of inspecting your water pipelines, the HydraSnake is your best option. Designed to deliver clear and precise wall thickness measurements for the water main’s length, the HydraSnake can accurately detect graphic corrosion, erosion, and pitting. PICA Corp’s HydraSnake tool is a robust yet flexible “smart tool” that can ensure your water mains are in top condition. As this unique tool navigates through your pipelines, it continuously records the wall thickness. All data is stored on board the Tool in non-volatile memory. Because the Tool is tethered, it cannot become lost or stuck in the water main and data can be gathered in both directions (out-bound and in-bound). You will be able to make informed decisions regarding maintenance and repair measures, if needed. By using PICA’s HydraSnake services you can become pro-active and repair thinned pipe before it becomes an expensive pipe failure.

The HydraSnake Advantage!

PICA’s HydraSnake technology offers our customers several benefits. As a self-contained, flexible but strong unit, the HydraSnake has been crafted to navigate challenging pipeline fittings such as a Tee or elbow. Some of the advantages of this HydraSnake technology include the following:

  • No excavation is required for inspection as access to the main is provided via a hydrant
  • Finds thinned spots before they become leaks
  • Helps to extend the life of your pipelines and gives you precise data regarding your options for rehabilitation
  • Allows you a clear understanding of where pipe replacement should occur
  • Provides you with baseline survey data if the pipeline is new or recently purchased
  • Will enable you to determine asset and risk management effectively
  • Pipe can stay in service as the inspection progresses

At PICA, we are proud to provide our customers with the data they need to ensure their water mains and pipelines are in safe working condition. Our HydraSnake tool allows us to give you a complete picture of your mains’ state without requiring destructive inspection methods such as excavation. So if you’re looking for a safe and effective solution for your next inspection, PICA’s HydraSnake technology is here to help.

Ensure Your Water Pipelines are Safe with PICA Corp

PICA Corp is proud to be based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and provides service across north America and beyond. We have provided our customers access to industry-leading inspection tools and pipeline assessment expertise, just like the HydraSnake. For decades PICA has helped our clients identify corrosion pits, signs of erosion, cracks, graphitic corrosion and more! Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our HydraSnake tool or any of our other inspection services and tools. 

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