Pipeline Solutions

PICA offers inspection technologies that enable condition assessments of prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP), bar-wrapped (concrete cylinder) pipe, metallic pipe, and non-metallic pipe, such as HDPE, PVC, and FRP.


Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (AWWA C301 standard) is a composite pipe consisting of a concrete core, a thin steel cylinder, high-tensile prestressing wires, and a mortar coating. The concrete core is the main structural load-bearing component with the steel cylinder acting as a water barrier between concrete layers. Using our Near Field Testing (NFT) and Remote Field Testing (RFT) technologies, as well as complementary tools such as CCTV  and LiDAR, PICA can detect the following for embedded cylinder and lined cylinder PCCP:

  • Cylinder corrosion
  • Broken wires (hydrogen embrittled or corroded through)
  • Out-of-round and denting
  • Liner spalling
  • Preferential weld corrosion
  • Loss of pre-load

Bar-Wrapped Pipe

Bar-wrapped concrete cylinder pipe (AWWA C303 standard) is a composite pipe consisting of a steel cylinder helically wrapped with a mild steel rod and lined and coated with dense cement mortar.  Using our Remote Field Testing (RFT) technology and complementary tools such as CCTV and LiDAR, PICA can detect the following:

  • Cylinder corrosion
  • Corroded/broken reinforcing bars
  • Out-of-round and denting
  • Liner spalling


Metallic pipes can be made of steel, ductile iron, or cast iron for municipal water, wastewater, and oil and gas applications, and stainless steel, aluminum, and copper for industrial applications. Steel pipes used to transport water, wastewater, oil, gas, chemicals, slurry and disposal fluids are often coated with cement mortar or polyurethane and lined with cement mortar, HDPE, or epoxy. Using our in-line See Snake Remote Field Testing (RFT) suite of tools, PICA can detect localized corrosion of metallic cylinders through a variety of internal liners in pipe sizes 3-inch diameter and larger in winched or free-swimming applications.

Non-metallic Pipe

Non-metallic pipe, such as HDPE, PVC, and FRP are subject to crushing (from overburden pressure) and point loads from rocks in trench backfill and often fail due to slow crack growth.  HDPE can also fail due to weld problems.  While they do not corrode, these pipes can still fail catastrophically or develop leaks.  PICA’s CCTV and laser in-line inspection tools can find and quantify defects in non-metallic pipes.  With access through manholes and clean-outs or ARVs, PICA’s high-resolution solutions can size defects with a high degree of precision.