Protect Your Water Mains and More with PICA Corp

Why PICA Corp. should be your Go-To supplier of Condition Assessment Services

If you put off water main inspection throughout 2020 due to the global delays and uncertainty that affected many of us, there’s no time like the present to get back on track and find out if there are any hidden surprises lurking beneath the surface. At PICA Corp, we know firsthand just how important regular line inspection and maintenance are when it comes to preventing the multi-million dollar disasters that make headlines each season.

With the help of our experienced pipeline experts and highly refined CCTV technology, taking a closer look beneath the surface is easier than ever before. Back by nearly 30 years of experience, PICA Corp is a world leader in NDT pipeline inspection, including using CCTV technology. Learn more about the benefits of regular inspection, as well as our services, below.

To Protect, You Must Prevent

It’s easy to fall out of routine when it comes to the regular maintenance and upkeep of your water lines, especially when you may not be able to observe any exterior damage. The reality, however, is, that only in-line inspection gives you a foolproof method of taking an in-depth look at the actual state of your pipes. While it can be tempting to skip an inspection or two, especially with business flow recovering from significant slowdowns, failing to stay on top of things can result in catastrophic damages to your equipment and the surrounding community. Using the right tools and staying on top of a dedicated inspection schedule conducted by a leading team like PICA’s, helps to mitigate the risk of sudden failures, promote safety, and ultimately extend the life cycle of your pipes for years to come.

PICA Corp Has You Covered

With nearly 30 years under our belt, PICA Corp is proudly Canadian and located in Edmonton, Alberta. Over the past three decades, our focus has been partnering with clients across North America to conduct safe and reliable pipeline inspections. Our inventory features countess resources to get the job done right, but where we set ourselves apart from the pack is our award-winning tools specializing in electromagnetic technology. PICA’s EM ILI Tools are contained in flexible, pressure-sealed units that can be used for the inline inspection of ferritic pipelines (ductile, cast-iron, steel, and concrete pressure pipe). Our equipment safely and efficiently assists with the identification of corrosion pits, graphitic corrosion, signs of erosion, cracks, and more. PICA’s tools can be used for a wide variety of applications and industries, including:

    • Potable water

    • Wastewater

    • Raw water

    • Firewater

    • Slurry and sludge lines

    • Steel water well casings

    • Saltwater disposal lines, and more.

CCTV Inspection At PICA

When you need to take a closer look, CCTV inspections are one of the best assets to have on your side. PICA’s IBAK crawlers and PTZ cameras are suited for pipes in the range of 8″ to 16″ diameter; and, for further convenience, we have modified the IBAK to be able to inspect pipes as large as 78″. For smaller pipes, PICA uses the IBAK Mini Lite push-rod camera, which provides exceptional quality that allows you to easily detect blockages, cracked pipes, joint issues and stuck valves.

PICA Corp is proud to offer comprehensive inspection services that help keep your pipes safe, protect your budget, and prevent disasters before they have the chance to start.

Learn more about our CCTV inspection services by contacting our team today!